CFEDC, as the only venue service provider for China Import & Export Fair, creates a modern exhibition service system that fully meets the requirements of the organizers for drawing review, booth marking, standard booth construction, water & electricity installation, electricity safety supervision, unified exhibition move-in, guiding sign setting, outdoor temporary tent construction, environmental layout and other supporting services, continues to improve service details and optimize service experience, spares no effort to ensure safety and the safe, effective and orderly completion of the move-out & change of three phases for each session. The overall customer satisfaction of on-site service reaches 90%. CFEDC makes positive contributions to the high-quality development of the China Import & Export Fair.

In each session of the China Import & Export Fair, CFEDC completes the marking of 1.18 million square meters of exhibition space for the organizer, uses its own exhibit materials to effectively complete the move-in, move-out and change of more than 21,000 standard booths, pre-installs more than 25,000 electrical cabinets, provides tens of thousands of various lamps, sockets, tables & chairs and accessories, lays and recycles 770,000 square meters of carpets, sets up 66,000 square meters of outdoor tents, designs and installs more than 30,000 guiding signs, offers multiple payment methods such as card swiping, WeChat payment, Alipay payment, online payment, T/T, advance payment, cash and cheque, and has completed nearly 10,000 collection declaration services, deposit refunds and invoicing on site without error.